I am a historian of Late Antique and Early Medieval West with a particular interest in the use of Roman legacy as a governance resource.

In the past I have worked on travel and trade in Early Medieval Northern Sea basin, as well as literary reception of classical archetypes in British literature.

Now my main project investigates the use of Roman assets (especially infrastructural ones) as governance resources in Late Antique and early Anglo-Saxon Britain; the social impact as well as the role that the Roman infrastructure played in the Early Medieval economy and politics of the island make it a important but also rarely problematized topic.

I also work extensively in the area of Digital Humanities, exploring spatial presentation of written sources.

You will find my academic CV here



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Conferences, invited lectures and workshops


8th Workshop of the Graduate Exchange in Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval History, Berlin, June 2018

Imperial Undertaking? The Symbolic Landscape of Conversion in Anglo-Saxon England

Parker on the Web 2.0, Stanford CA, March 2018

Gospels of St Augustine (MS286) and the Old English Bede (MS41) as text in perpetual translation

Social Tensions Between Kinship and Community in the Middle Ages, Frankfurt am Main, January 2018

Monks, merchants and scholars. Individuation and relationships in Early Medieval urban space


British Museum Medieval Seminar, London, November 2017

(Re-)using Rome: Roman Infrastructure as Early Medieval Governance Resource in Britain

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists Conference, Honolulu, August 2017

The Cities of Others. Early British Relationship with Roman Urban Space

Public Medievalism - session organiser together with Sihong Lin and Kate Mees

International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2017

The City and the City: Urban Space Infrastructure in the Context of Early Medieval Britain

Challenging Grand Narratives, Dublin, June 2017

Continuous Problems. The Spectre of Continuity in Early Medieval History Writing

7th Workshop of the Graduate Exchange in Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval History, Mainz, May 2017

Looking for a City. A Reassessment of the Search for Early Medieval Urbanism in Britain


8 Darmstädter Diskussionen, September 2016

The Image of Roman Infrastructure in Anglo-Saxon Cultural Space

International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2016

Roman Infrastructure in Early Medieval Britain as a Governance Resource

Nutzung und Umnutzung von Grundbesitz, Gebäuden und Infrastrukturen im römischen Imperium und danach: Historische, rechtshistorische und archäologische Perspektive, Berlin, June 2016

Roman Roads in Anglo-Saxon Charters ‒ Demarcation and Usage

The Ethnic and the Social: the Forms of Interplay and Conflicts, Sankt Petersburg, February 2016

Group conflict in the Early Medieval urban space - identification and approach


MANCASS Easter Conference, Manchester, April 2010

The moving centre: trade and travel in York from Roman to Anglo-Saxon times


XVIII Polish Historians Conference, Olsztyn, September 2009

V International Conference in Antique and Byzantine Studies, May 2009

XVII Polish History Students Conference, Olsztyn, April 2009

Regions in Culture, Poznań, March 2009


Ad Fontes IX: Terra cognita, Środa Śląska 2008